The Need for Trash Technology

We have all heard the old adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Well, in the case of true trash, ( garbage, refuse, waste, etc. ) technology is making this old adage truer than ever. Literally!

An interesting article from Bloomberg states that Waste Management, Inc.(WM ) , the largest trash hauler in the United States, estimates that the $12.3 billion it gets for carting off rubbish to landfills may be worth more than $40 billion a year in potential energy.

This value is determined by the amount of fuel and chemicals that could be extracted from the 112 million tons of trash it collects. If all of the trash was diverted from landfills and used for this purpose, our trash may be worth more than any of us could have ever dreamed.

Currently about 82% of trash ends up in a dump. Waste Management has bought stakes in eight companies that gasify, ferment or digest trash, turning it into a source of heat, power, transportation fuel and specialty chemicals. This 18% of trash is worth more than the 82% of trash simply buried.

It is easy to see that the future will not allow us to continue filling up landfills. There now is an economic motivation to convert our trash to fossil fuel products. With an economic stimulus that mirrors the environmental benefits, this new strategy has a lot of fans. The senior vice president of Waste Management Inc. said “It’s going to be recovering more value from this material. The customers will demand it, the struggle for resources will demand it, and quite honestly, economically, it’s the thing we should be doing”.

Technology has offered once again a great way to convert something useless and worthless to a treasure-trove of beneficial energy.

New Strides in Web Technology

In this ever increasing field of web technology, there is a plethora of options and sites to consider in trying to broaden one’s education and understanding of new trends. This field is constantly in flux. It is a moving target and complacency is the kiss of death in this developing field.

In many fields of endeavor, one can use the history of past trial and error methods to develop a viable learning strategy. However, since this particular field is so reliant on current trends and techniques, the past is of little or no value. A young student can enjoy as much success as a grizzled veteran. Committing oneself to a never-ending study of new ideas on the web is a must for possible success. This takes dedication to monitor constantly the internet offerings and varied techniques used to create unique websites displaying the latest technology available.

If an effort to update oneself on new ideas and the latest techno web designs, certain websites can be used as a catalyst to motivate your creative juices. is a great source to monitor. It offers varied updated topics concerning all facets of design and technology. From topic menus, graphic products, resistant materials, project options, systems control to site searches and even hands-on learning projects, this site can function as a springboard to more advanced thinking and presentation. It presents more like a learning syllabus than a varied website. However, it can serve to provide certain fundamentals in new web design ideas and utilizing the newest available web technology.

This site has an eye for practical applications to the cerebral web-based offerings often found when researching this topic. It is a veritable how-to workbook that can be tweaked and modified to fit your individual needs.

If your goal is to be updated on web design and technology, you commit yourself not to a single endeavor, but to a process that must be continuously nurtured. It is a journey without a destination. Good luck and safe travel.

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